Connecting our past with our future!

The philosophy of our school has changed. It has evolved so we can be in tune with what this generation of students needs from us. We move away from the traditional model of the Greek School. We change so we can keep up with all that changes around us. Our core values do remain the same. It is what has always made us stand out.

  • Small classes

  • Students are placed in the right level

  • More actual teaching time (time in class)

  • Focus on teaching the language

  • Emphasis on speaking and conversation

  • Consistent and structured curriculum

  • Cultural activities separate from instruction

  • Interactive learning

  • Teacher-student interaction through the week (google classroom)

  • No more long hours of Greek school. Classes do not exceed the 1,5 hours.

Greek school is focusing on teaching the language. We make sure our students learn how to read and write, how to communicate, how to use proper grammar. We teach the language. We encourage and facilitate community interaction and cultural activities but we do not use the time of the Greek school for that. We provide opportunities through our church to seek more engagement in cultural activities. We are here to help your student learn the language.